We care about your deliveries like they are our own.



The essence of our work arises from the need to move products from one point to another.

The need is generated by the current and future owners of the products (seller / buyer).

For us you are not just a customer but the origin of our business and our future.

You will feel this commitment in all our services, starting from design till the perfect execution.


We start the day putting ourselves in the customers’ shoes by self-questioning:

• What are the three main things our customer would expect from DMA?
• What kind of response time and tone is our customer tolerating?
• What price the customer is willing to pay for the quality of the DMA Smart Freight service offered?
• What transform our service to a successful experience for the customer?

Answering all customer calls, in a timely and convincing manner, starts with an honest understanding of the customer’s point of view. This is how we understand the customer service approach.


The Mediterranean basin has historical connections through sea or road services and from point to point, not always in direct line but through various intermediate stops.

Customers often do not have access or do not know the best service for their needs.

In many cases the transit time is longer than the short distance, or the frequency of departure is long as like a lunar cycle, in other cases some markets have better services than others.

It is our pride to identify the fastest and cheapest connections by using well established services or existing connection points and adding - where needed - new services in collaboration with other reputable providers.


When you work in the supply chain, and particularly in international transport, you realize that the supplier side often struggles to provide visibility and a reliable delivery service to their customers.

We are here to change this situation.

“Have you ever asked your client what communications does he need? …“

“Have you adapted your communication to the specific client? … “

When you deliver on time and keep your customer updated, you generate happiness, trust, and loyalty, you finally get a partner and possibly a new friend.

We are investing heavily in reliable communications through easy access to information and shipment tracking, while we believe this is the only sustainable future.

Asking or listening costs nothing, it is just a winning approach.


As Freight Forwarder we face the only limitation of our commitment to the customers:

“We take care of your delivery needs as if they were our own.”

From that, we have the freedom to explore the best way to move any product from anywhere in any possible way.

We have some specialized services that are growing and evolving with customer satisfaction and our dedicated execution.

As most valuable thing we do not hesitate to explore “Smart Freight SOLUTIONS” for new needs.


Over the past decade there has been a sudden and immediate demand for intelligent supply’s processes, as well as a greater demand for accessible and immediate information.

Social media take up a few hours of our daily life: e-commerce enhanced in all its facets, mobile phones have become smartphones, we have reached the speed of 5G data, documents and payments have become digital, hybrid / electric cars sell more than traditional gasoline fuels and smart working have entered every home.

We believe that only by adopting all new technologies; following the habits of the new generations and creating modern communication will bring us closer to the next generations of customers.

Start-ups, smart companies, e-commerce, and young entrepreneurs will find their preferred freight forwarder partner in DMA Smart Freight Solutions.


We find the best way to move any product from anywhere in any possible way.

Our Services

Italy connected to Greece & Cyprus

We provide road and multimodal transport services to and from all parts of Italy, several times a week: Export services from Greece to Italy & Direct groupage departures from our main hubs in Northern Italy to Athens and Cyprus every Friday.

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Connection Greece – Cyprus - Greece

We provide a full range of services on the Greece - Cyprus - Greece route in two ways: Express service and Multimodal Economy service.

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Cyprus connected to the Rest of World

We connect Cyprus with the rest of the world in 4 ways: The multimodal groupage service, The express service by air transport to / from Cyprus airport, Full Container Sea services from all ports, Local distribution and collection in Cyprus.

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Israel connected to Greece & Cyprus

Services to Israel with a short sea shipping link with Greece and Cyprus. Israeli market can be served on daily basis with air freight groupage from the airports of Athens and Limassol.

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Spain & France connected to Greece & Cyprus

Weekly France and Spain departures to Greece, from single pallet to partial loads and full loadings, granting a fast transit times of 2 - 3 working days.

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Malta connected to Italy – Greece -Cyprus

We depart from Athens to Malta every Friday with a transit time of 5-6 working days, from small loads to full truck load services.

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Rest of Europe and Mediterranean Basin

We can cover the rest of the European markets and the Mediterranean basin. For many destinations we are maximizing our network capacity and partners.

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About DMA

Vision and Strategy
At DMA Smart Freight Solutions, our vision is to be a leading Freight Forwarder in the Mediterranean area that customers can trust and find the "Philotimo" in every relationship and service we interact with.

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At DMA Smart Freight Solutions we create a strong work ethic, which is based on our willingness to ensure our vision with core values and reflects the personal relationship we develop with our customers, partners and staff.

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Corrado Dal Molin is an Italian supply chain expert with over 20 years of experience in the supply chain and transport in various activities including 10 years in a top position. He began his professional career as Trainee at Philip Morris Products in Neuchatel in 2002.

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Working at DMA Smart Freight Solutions means taking responsibility, conquering challenges, satisfying customers by offering winning services and continuously growing as part of a friendly team. We are always looking for new talented and enthusiastic individuals to join our staff team and add value to our business.

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