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E-commerce delivery

In some cases, it must be done quickly, especially for smaller shipments, the use of a courier is sometimes the perfect opportunity to get a shipment to its destination in no time.

We deliver the same fast speed from small to medium shipments, from 2 to 300 kilos.

We develop transport solutions for international E-commerce customers by connecting the national service with a fast and reliable international connection.

We arrange with the local supplier to pick up the goods from your door, we ensure the handling and the international route, and we reconnect with the supplier at the destination to save precious time and secure the perfect delivery.

This is possible as we have offices in Greece and Cyprus and connect to international networks of partners and agents to secure your import and export deliveries.

Smart Solutions for every customer

Customers get better results for his business by leveraging DMA Smart Freight solutions, experience, data, and scalability.

We manage all services with full responsibility, we feel the loads as ours, we connect with reliable partners and collaborators, we optimize the "best of" of each partner, we design alternative services, we speak the languages of people and technology.

As we work as a freight forwarder, we can work quickly and almost always find a solution for your specific logistics challenge.

Benefit from the fact that we have a regional network and a warm passion for transport in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Fast “small lots” deliveries

It often happens that you don't know which is the right solution to ship your orders, larger than a box and smaller than a pallet.

We saw the market’s need for right small lots’ service solutions.

We decided to specialize in loads between Courier services - small parcels - and transport companies - partial and full loads.

We offer road transport services for international Groupage shipments from single box to small partial loads up to 10 pallets, and national shipments.

We make sure your cargo is delivered safely and efficiently wherever it needs to go.

Many of our lines ensure shipments to neighboring countries within 48 - 72 hours.

For more remote or exotic destinations in Europe we offer deliveries within 3 - 5 working days to all destinations.

Sea Transport

The Mediterranean is a sea where thousands of trips are made every day between hundreds of ports.

You may need very affordable solutions for small and large trips, if your goods are not in a rush. Sea freight is a cost-effective solution as it combines competitive routes, carrier, price and departure and arrival times to suit your needs.  In other words, shipping with sea containers is the appropriate solution.

We operate mainly in the Mediterranean basin. Share your needs with us and we will find for you the best and most reliable solution for your cargo.

Express services: Air & Courier

You may need to send something today and collect it from the other side of Europe the day after tomorrow, this is the right air transport service we can guarantee.

We work with AITA certified suppliers who operate as a reliable option for air freight of all sizes and types. Whether you are shipping perishable goods or any goods that need fast delivery, we can provide the international solution that meets your needs.

Nationally in Greece and Cyprus, DMA-Kronos Express services are the fastest and most reliable solution for your needs.

Customs Formalities

International trade remains a difficult business aspect especially when the right customs documentation is needed.

Brexit and e-commerce have brought new requirements, skills and documents related to the type of transport, incoterms, and to the preparation of invoices.

Our experienced team, in cooperation with competent customs declarants, know how to guide you properly.

Agile Logistics Services

Finally, it goes without saying that we do a lot more than just store or deliver a pallet.

Fulfillment services are more than just a logistics service.

We provide nationwide handling, storage, and distribution with the right level of local flexibility.

Our Greek and Cypriot teams customize their services to meet your needs with precision.